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How IAF Is Charting It’s Future Course?

There have been growing challenges for IAF to address a likely two front threat in the future conflict scenario. It’s own fighting readiness needs to remain at the top even though concerns on depleting fighters remains.

India Africa Old Friends New Vision


As African nations walked out of the shadows of colonial past they face an enormous task ahead, it offers India an opportunity to harness great goodwill and it’s historical links to support the continent in it’s journey to prosperity.

India As Centre Of Gravity For New BRICS+

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BRICS adoption of six new members indicates India’s tacit approval for boosting the growth agenda and it’s concern to prevent overt domination of China. India with it’s engagement and positiong looks to act as a Centre Of Gravity for new BRICS+.

IAF’s Bidding As An Aerospace Power

The operationalisation of aerospace arm by major powers presents an evolutionary challenge for IAF, which faces a certain ‘Two Front Threat’ and depletion in it’s offensive assets. IAF’s new Doctrine will help augment it’s capabilities in the near future with new vision of transforming itself from an ‘Air Power’ to an ‘Aerospace Power’.

The Dare To Dream Big Bold & Better

South Asia

India has smartly supported hi tech joint ventures for cutting edge weapon platforms. Leveraging lucrative contracts it has ensured clauses for Indian partner & local production, delivering it with long term gains.